Brighton inventions backed by investors

Investors are pledging thousands of pounds to boost two Brighton inventions.

Portable speakers made from thrown-away plastic bags and a ‘music memory box’ developed to help people with dementia are being backed by members of the public on the funding platform Kickstarter.

Both were invented at the University of Brighton by graduates who have gone on to launch innovative businesses.

Chloe Meineck came up with her memory box idea while studying 3D Design and Craft (BA(Hons) in 2014 and was inspired when visiting her great grandmother in a care home: “I remember her not knowing who I was but we would put on a song and she would sing and recount beautiful stories about people, times and places.”

Her award-winning memory box, described as “ingenious” by the Duke of Kent on a visit, is filled with meaningful objects, each with a stick-on sensor linked to a favourite song.

Chloe, who has received pledges of more than £3,000 towards her goal of £25,000 to refine her product, said: “The music, familiar objects and photographs combine together to help unlock and recall memories in a simple, tactile way.”

Chloe, who has launched a Princes Trust-supported company in Bristol, added: “We want to make the Music Memory Box accessible for families and care homes around the world.”

Almost £8,000 has been pledged towards a £45,000 target for Tom Meades’ portable Bluetooth speakers made from the flimsy plastic that traditionally is not suitable for recycling.

Tom, who graduated in 2017 with a 3D Design and Craft BA(Hons) degree, and partners Pawan Saunya and Rishi Gupta, launched Gomi from a studio in Western Road, Brighton, to turn “non-recyclable plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfill, incinerated or dumped in the ocean into a functional and beautiful speakers”.

They collect flexible plastic from local businesses and beaches, melt it down, compress it and hand craft speakers, the “world’s first” of their kind.

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