How can we improve the lives of Brighton and Hove’s young men?

Researchers at the University of Brighton are involved in a new project to improve experiences and outcomes for vulnerable young men in Brighton and Hove.

The Young Men Matter project, which is funded by the charity A Better Brighton and Hove, will focus especially on those men who have not been benefited by existing services in the city and explore models of working that may promote better engagement.

Young Men Matter runs for 18 months and will include a number of strands of research, including:

Interviews with young men to assess their experiences and opinions.
Interviews with, and examinations of, a range of services currently working with young men.
Examination of existing data about engagement with young men and their potential feelings of ‘exclusion’ in society.
Review of literature relevant to working with young men and also creative intervention models.
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At the end of the project the researchers will share their recommendations and proposals – based on their findings – with the project’s stakeholders, with the aim of improving approaches to working with young men and improving their experience, thus meeting the needs of the local population.

The project’s work will be overseen and guided by a steering group that includes representatives of all stakeholders and will be advised by a young men’s reference group.

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