Have you seen Stephen Lowe in Brighton or surrounding areas?

Police are looking for a Brighton man who has failed to appear at court over a vehicle theft charge, and is also wanted in connection with alleged aggravated vehicle taking and conspiracy to blackmail.

Stephen Lowe, 41, also known as Stephen Gumbrill, failed to appear at Brighton Magistrates Court on 29 May to answer a charge of theft of a car in Kings Road, Brighton on 5 April this year.

He is also wanted for an aggravated vehicle taking on 9 March 2017, when a car was stolen while parked overnight in Bristol Road, Brighton and then driven into a house in The Esplanade, Peacehaven, later that day. Nobody was in the address and substantial damage was caused to the front lounge. The car drove off.

Lowe is also wanted over an alleged conspiracy to blackmail an East Sussex man by demanding a quantity of cash between December 2016 and March 2017.

Authority has been given by the CPS for him to be charged with the alleged vehicle taking and blackmail offences when he is arrested.

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